Understanding leisure schemes

For a leisure scheme to be successful, it must provide a secure yet exciting environment to enhance customers experience and enjoyment.

In addition to the fundamental requirements of convenience, cleanliness and security, a dynamic approach is needed to quickly respond to changing customer needs and expectations. The occupier base is centered on a number of key operators, with 3 main cinema tenants and a select number of restaurant, bowling, nightclub and health and fitness occupiers. Maintaining the right mix of occupiers for the scheme is paramount.

Valuing the tenant

We recognise the value of the tenant as a customer and believe that the good management of this relationship enhances our ability to identify and execute opportunities to develop and upgrade existing facilities.

Our managing agent, DTZ is a member of the Real Service group which aims to help the real estate industry to improve customer service levels by developing best practice and facilitating the benchmarking of service delivery. Working closely with our tenants enables legislation changes, to be embraced successfully, thus accommodating both customers' and operators' requirements.

Reducing Environmental Impact

We recognise that our business activities result in both direct and indirect environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities. We operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) at all the schemes within the Leisure Fund, and work closely with our occupiers to improve performance in areas such as recycling, energy consumption and reducing our environmental impacts. Legal & General Property has recently gained the ISO 14001 certification for all schemes in the Leisure Fund.

The EMS system helps us work with our occupiers to improve control of environmental risks. Programmes have been developed to improve environmental performance, set targets going forward, and a structure has been provided to ensure environmental initiatives are coordinated effectively.

Improvement Plans have been put in place to minimise the impact arising from waste production and increase recycling. Improvements in energy efficiency, investigation into renewable onsite energy production, green travel plans and improvements in methods to protect and enhance wildlife are all key areas of importance for 2009.

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